Our Mission

The mission of the Latinx Student Leadership Council (LxSLC) is to enrich the lives of students at the University of Connecticut through a sense of community, learning and programming about Latinx Caribbean, Latin American, mixed heritage, and multicultural identities.

The council strives to unify Latinx, Caribbean, Latin American, and multicultural groups in order to strengthen student voices on issues related to campus. We aim to empower these students by fostering an environment that provides a sense of belonging and inclusivity in the UConn community through workshops, guidance and the promotion of academic achievement.

What is LxSLC?

LxSLC was created to establish a sense of belonging to students and graduates by providing social, educational, and political programs. This is done by providing essential training, network opportunities and socials to not only organization members but to the entire PRLACC community. 


Access to academic, social and emotional resources such as:
  • Establishing relationships with the PRLACC professional staff
  • Reliable and available student coordinator staff
  • A community of diverse other students and staff working tirelessly to retain students
  • Extending emotional and mental health resources
A voice in the push for change regarding diversity and inclusivity across the entire campus:
  • Encouragement and knowledge to take part of other tier III organizations such as:
    • Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
    • SUBOG
  • Promoting student activism across campus
  • The ability to express concerns and opinions on PRLACC matters
Opportunities for professional development in a comforting and inclusive safe space by giving:
  • Workshops aimed at providing information on Graduate and Post-Graduate opportunities to students
A community of organizations that come together under a shared mission of:
  • Growth
    • Personal and organizational
  • Retention
    • Preserving member dependability through a sense of community and academic achievement
  • Graduation
    • Post graduate and long term success
Facilitating organizational expansion and development by:
  • Promotion of the organization and events
  • Regular informational workshops regarding various tools for organizations in areas of:
    • Executive elections and trainings
    • Reliable banking services
    • University room reservations and fundraising services