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Alternative SET Questions for Faculty who Teach with the Service Learning Pedagogy

The pedagogy of service learning is different than traditional teaching and because of this, the Service Learning Committee established qualitative questions/statements for those using service learning as a teaching strategy to use in the ‘questions’ section of the SET.

It is important for faculty to use these questions in order for us to make a better attempt in measuring impact on students across service learning courses. Additionally, the questions will help capture the impact of service learning more accurately for your evaluation purposes.

You may change these questions to work for you as classes and projects differ greatly across the spectrum of service learning. Please share with any faculty and let me know if you have any questions.


Questions/Statements to use:

1.  Please describe how your community site placement or service learning activity/project enhanced your understanding of course content.


2.  Please describe how service learning may have contributed to your professional and personal development.


3.  Please describe any concrete areas of improvement for this course.


Schedule for SET:

The last class date of the term is Dec. 11 according to the Registrar's calendar. The QP* for instructors teaching these classes will open at 10:00 am 21 days before the end date (Nov. 20) and close in 7 days (Nov. 26) at 11:59 pm or 21 days before the last date of the term prior to finals week. The survey will open to students 14 days before the last day of class (Nov. 27) at 12:01 am and remain open for 14 days before closing (Dec. 11).

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