UConn Works



Service-Learning Course Celebrates History, Promotes Hands-on Research


UCONN WORKS: A Celebration of UConn Employees

Over the course of the fall semester, general education students met with and interviewed service-workers on the UConn Campus.  The students were enrolled in MUSI 1002 Sing and Shout! a service-learning course that combines history with song, and found inspiration in these service-workers’ stories. To pay homage to employees’ contributions to making UCONN more efficient, effective and enjoyable, students have written and composed ballads in the broadside tradition.

Below are lyrics to the student compositions with links to the full PowerPoint presentations.

Major Glenn A. Colby, Recruiting and Operations Officer

major colby How many shots must fly down the range
Before I have a steady hand?
How many trails must I march down,
Before we set up camp?
How many times must I hold my breath,
Before we can move again? [See More]

Nancy Depathy, Financial Manager, Daily Campus

 nancy Nancy Depathy grew up in Mansfield
And now she lives in Tolland
Her mom is French Canadian and her dad’s Italian
His folks came through Ellis Island
Went to Mitchell College and got her degree [See More]

Esther Feliciano, Lead Custodian


Esther was born in a far off land, uh-huh
Esther was born in a far off land, uh-huh
Esther was born in a far off land
a beautiful island with lots of sand,
uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. [See more]

Eileen Kapinos, Office Assistant, Financial Aid

 Eileen Kapinos I needed help to pay for school uh-huh
I needed help to pay for school uh-huh
So I called up financial aid
And they made sure my bills got paid [See More]

Patricia Moriarty, Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Services

 Patricia Moriarty Twas in the merry month of May,
In nineteen seventy-six,
Chatty Patty became a nurse
And the pain, she started to fix [See More]

Cynthia Radell, Dining Services, Jitters Coffee Shop

 cynthia In Connecticut Where she was born
working with her parents so swell
She was a bright and happy soul
Her name was Cynthia [See More]