Proctor contact

These contacts are only to be used for approved iTV courses, any other questions should be directed to

Regional Campuses are responsible for providing exam proctors for all iTV courses. A proctor cannot be an undergraduate student. Their responsibilities include: communication with course instructor, receiving of examination material, administration of the exam, and collection and transportation (mail/fax) of completed exams.

iTV instructors are required to notify campus proctor coordinators at least three weeks in advance to schedule coverage

Campus Name Phone
Avery Point Academic Mark Bond 860-405-9186
Avery Point Marine Science Todd Fake 860-405-9067
Greater Hartford Hartford Registrar’s Office 860-570-9134
Stamford Matt Proulx 203-251-8409
Storrs iTV Office 860-486-1774
Waterbury Victor Schiavi 203-236-9862