Service Learning High Impact Teaching Series

Do you want your students to help solve this century’s most pressing societal challenges? Do you have an interest in community inspired research initiatives? The Office of Public Engagement’s Service Learning Committee in collaboration with the Institute for Teaching and Learning are offering a sequential learning series on the pedagogy of Service Learning.

This series will provide faculty an opportunity to receive tools and guidance about the pedagogy of service learning. Faculty who attend all sessions will receive a certificate of participation.

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.  (Carnegie Definition)


Service Learning High Impact Teaching Series

Pedagogical Pillars of Service LearningJulia Yakovich, Service Learning and Anne Gebelein, El Instituto

This seminar will explore the fundamentals and characteristics of the pedagogy of service learning and will also uncover the research behind it. The presenters will review basic tools and tips of the trade for faculty to begin designing their service learning initiatives.

Session presentation:

High Impact Teaching Series – Pillars (002) – Powerpoint Presentation



How Sustainable Service Learning Community Partnerships can lead to Engaged Scholarship – watch recording from minute 4:45 to 35:00

Jennifer McGarry, Neag School of Education

Those who utilize the pedagogy of service learning will have community partnerships to develop and nurture over time in order to create sustainable relationships. These partnerships can lead to engaged scholarship and other research and grant opportunities if framed as such.  You will learn from a faculty member who has ample experience through the Husky Sport program.


A Distance Learning, Service Learning Approach: Utilizing the Pedagogy of Service Learning through Web-Ex

Monica Miller, Human Development and Family Studies

This presentation describes an approach to teaching service learning courses over distance. Through the use of technology (Cisco’s Web-Ex platform) and additional assessment measures (workbooks, service learning journals, partner site observations, and weekly discussion), two courses and a thriving partnership were maintained with an instructor abroad.


Identifying Service Learning Community Partners Through the Non-Profit Platform – watch recording from minute 7:45 on

David Garvey, Department of Public Policy

Identifying community partners can sometimes be challenging. As a main pillar to the pedagogy of service learning, however, it is necessary to find a partner that is right for you, your class, and your research.  This session will help you navigate the local not-for-profit world through the Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform.



Developing Effective Service Learning Framework

Beth Russell, HDFS

Service learning is a pedagogical strategy necessitating proper planning and framework.  This seminar will highlight one faculty’s perspective and experience on how to go about developing an effective framework for your service learning course.





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